About Us

N8 Medical, LLC (N8 Medical) is a clinical-stage medical device company focused on commercializing medical devices that incorporate a novel class of active compounds called ceragenins.

These proprietary ceragenin compounds when used on medical devices act as potent anti-fouling agents that are able to prevent biofilm growth that may lead to infections, some of which may be fatal. Ceragenin-based medical devices are designed to address the multibillion dollar public health and economic burden associated with device-related infections and other complications associated with medical devices such as Acute Kidney Injury, Delerium, Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

N8 Medical believes that ceragenins offer unparalleled efficacy and cost advantages to prevent device-related infections and complications. The use of ceragenins as a platform technology under its CeraShield™ brand across numerous device segments is anticipated to provide N8 Medical with a unique, sustainable competitive advantage over other medical device companies. Additional information regarding N8 Medical’s CeraShield devices be found on the Pipeline page.

Ceragenins are synthetic, non-peptide small molecule mimetics of endogenous host defense peptides that have existed in nature for millions of years and do not induce mutational resistance after serial passaging. Additional information regarding ceragenins can be found on the Technology page.