Next standard of care in Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) prevention


Biofilm-resistant endotracheal tube

Designed to reduce ventilator associated respiratory infections (VARI)
and significantly lower overall cost of care

The CeraShield™ ETT is approved for marketing in Canada and Belize with other approvals pending. The CeraShield™ ETT is an investigational device in the United States.

CeraShield™ ETT

Medical device-associated biofilms pose a serious threat to human health and lead to nosocomial infections

New strategies are urgently needed

Up to 80% of microbial infections in the human body involve biofilm formation, especially in hospital settings, which greatly promotes the incidence rate and mortality 1,2

Over 6 million potential deaths from nosocomial infections worldwide each year 3

50–70% of nosocomial infections are related to indwelling medical devices.

Ordinary medical devices allow millions of pathogenic CFUs to grow within hours and act as a reservoir of infectious agents, leading to inflammation and infection.
The resistance of bacteria in biofilms to antibiotics can be 10–1,000X that of the corresponding planktonic cells. 5
The rates of horizontal plasmid transfer were several orders of magnitude higher in the biofilms than in liquid cultures of the same organisms. 6
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CeraShield™ biofilm-resistant coating works to prevent infection and inflammation

Ordinary ETT
CeraShieldTM Biofilm-Resistant ETT
CeraShield™ coating mimics the activity of the human body’s innate immune system, which does not induce antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

Creates hydration layer that inhibits bacterial adhesion to the surface, creating a “moat” around the device.

The CeraShield™ coating’s net positive charge attracts the negatively-charged membranes of certain viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

As the CeraShield™ coating and pathogen get closer together, the CeraShield™ coating begins to permeabilize and depolarize the cell
membrane, leading to rapid cell death.


Each added case of ventilator
respiratory infection adds between
$10,000–$50,000 (US). 7

The total preventable cost worldwide is >$10 billion. 8
attributable risk of death 9
Approximately 50% of all critical care antibiotics are for treatment for VAP 9,11


By preventing biofilm, we can significantly prevent VAP and other adverse outcomes

Designated as “breakthrough device” by FDA


The CeraShield™ endotracheal tube is to be used for airway management in adult patients expected to be intubated ≥ 24 hours.
The CeraShield™ ETT consists of:
  • A standard adult cuffed ETT manufactured and sourced from Flexicare offered in sizes 7.0mm–8.5mm
  • A hydrophilic anti-fouling coating on the inner and outer lumens, and the inflatable cuff

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